Thursday, June 30, 2011

LV Spring Summer 2011 is the impact of design

As (high) fashion shed Fashion blog is still a lot of noise, but not everything in the brewing social peace. Monitor ran this story, outlining how the two opposing sides mainstream, is a fashion blog of:Kate, in Time magazine's chief editor Bates quarter style amplifier design publications that street fashion Louis Vuitton Spring Summer 2011 is the impact of design is here to stay positive. Street fashion has always been important, which is another medium to absorb the majority of people in favor of it, Bates, who chose as the influential magazine's top 100 design, one of this year Sartorialist blog. She added that, beyond fashion blog, MySpace and other social networking sites and ShareYourLook also expanded the influence of street fashion.

But the most important people: how to wear it and who do more do more wearing.Margaret Walker, Ferrier, a fashion design professor at the University of Cincinnati, said, theres between the art and design students and young designers interested in these blog, but the phenomenon is called in pan. The latest flash Louis Vuitton Spring Summer 2010, Ferrier that its influence is the mainstream fashion editor slim. people think fashion from the streets, but it is not, she said. it inspired designers who are using the streets. So in the end, it is coming from designers.Yes, it's , from the designer's future, , but who do you think of designers to find inspiration

Chicken or the egg dilemma, certainly, but CMON, we all know the real impact of social fashion.In its June 17 issue, JC Report interview Minya Quark, brand pimps and the media whore (BPMW) co-owned. Her commitment to the subject of considerable points are Louis Vuitton Fall Winter 2010 bags: Where do the designer brands to enter the casual fashion story charactersMQ: Everyone has their own eyes, leisure and fashion, we believe that all their driving. DSQUARED, Galliano. Everyone looks at the reality of what people wear. Take the jeans There doesn't seem to be no end in sight. $ 500 jeans No problem. And not only do more of Gucci.

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